With summer well underway, many people have already made their vacation plans.  What better way to kill two birds with one stone than combining a vacation with a chance to look for lake propery to buy in the area?   Sounds logical, but that may not be the best way to maximize both objectives...having fun on vacation and possibly buying the lake property of your dreams.  If the main objective is to relax in a vacation setting, then looking for a property may be contrary to that goal.  However, if you are organized and focused, you can combine both objectives successfully by doing some pre-planning about what you want to do for fun, and how much time you will carve out for looking at property.  If you can devote a couple of days to the property search, have a good idea of your criteria for what you want in the property of your dreams, and communicate that in advance to a knowledgeable realtor, your odds of a successful outcome for the vacation and the property search activity will increase.

  • Do your research in advance to narrow down a locale where you want to look
  • Set up your critieria for the search and know which criteria you may be flexible with
  • Establish a budget range you are comfortable with for the type of property you are interested in
  • Get financing approvals in advance of your trip
  • Do not spend the morning boating or doing some other activity and then a few hours in the afternoon 'dedicated' to the property search
  • Join the Realtor in his vehicle for the property tours - separate vehicles means you miss out on the local knowledge  that can be gained while driving with the Realtor
  • If you find the propety of your dreams, make a decision!  Prices and interest rates are now increasing in the secondary lake property market.
  • If no property presents itself as the one for you, plan to re-visit in the fall or winter with your Realtor....buying lake property when the leaves are gone gives you a new perspective on how the property lays, what the views are like if a wooded parcel and the activity levels in the area in the off-season

If you plan in advance your fun vacation activities and your property buying activities, you can have a great experience and be successfull at both!